Custom Books and Characters




Original Content

Luna-Tikes now offers companies, sports franchises, really any and all organizations, the opportunity to have their very own, original cartoon content. Whether you're looking for a mascot, or children's book that can tell your organizations story, or any other story you desire, we got you covered. We'll work with you to create the most imaginative, impactful and commercially viable characters and stories that will take your brand to the next level. Even if your organization is already at the highest level, our original books and characters will lift your brand and message even higher.



Looking for an original mascot or character to represent and promote your organization? We will work hand in hand with you to break down all the things you want your original Luna-Tike to embody. We don't take peoples trust in us lightly. In fact, it's because of that trust, that we take such great pride in what we do. So please reach out to find out more about what Luna-Tikes can do for you.


Original Books

Looking for more than just an original mascot or character? Then you're in the right place. Not only do we specialize in creating original characters, we are masters at putting together short stories that will entertain young and old alike. Do you have a message or many messages you want weaved into your book? ...Perfect, because we do that. As simple or complex of a message you want to convey, we'll make sure that your story, not only has all the elements you desire, but it will be fun, funny, informative and highly entertaining! 


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