Advertise Through Philanthropy

Make a positive impact with the Luna-Tikes Book Series

Luna-Tikes offers a unique opportunity to advertise with your company logo and donate to your choice of children in need. Our recent partners have donated to Valley Children's Hospital uplifting kids spirits when they need it most!

*Luna-Tikes is a proud partner of Valley Children's Literacy Program. Learn more by clicking here.

Valley Children's Hospital - Patient Demand

  • Currently Luna-Tikes supplies books to Valley Children’s Hospital (VCH).
  • VCH has over 10,000 in-patient visits each month. Patient visits vary from virus infection to major injuries requiring extended recovery times.
  • VCH and their clinics see well over 250,000 children each year.
  • Children love Luna-Tikes inspiring stories, fun loving characters.  The books lift their spirits, which helps promote a speedy recovery.
  • Patient feedback has been outstanding with staff. increasing requests weekly.

Most Hospital Challenges

  • The average hospital’s miscellaneous expense budget is less than $5k or less per year.
  • The majority of books or other donations are rejected due to sanitary requirements or allergens
  • Literacy programs operate on shoestring budgets and are heavily dependent on donations resulting in fragmented inventory.
  • Most patients do not have access to reading material other than magazines or limited cable Television

Philanthropic Opportunity 

Luna-Tikes offers specialty printing and pricing for increased philanthropic exposure. Example offerings include, but not limited to: 

  • Sponsorship Logo - Front Cover
  • Sponsorship Logo - Back Cover
  • Sponsorship Logo with Mission Statement - Full Page Inside Cover
  • Sponsorship Logo Semi-Transparent on every page
  • Free Shipping To Multiple Locations

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