Lunatics (Our team)

The Lunatics behind Luna-Tikes! 

Richard Tillman created Luna-Tikes while raising Augustus “Gus” and his little brother Jake “Jake”, who are the life and spirit behind these inspiring stories and illustrations.


Meet the Illustrator! 

The Luna-Tikes illustrator is Jamie Sale. Jamie is a British Illustrator who has established himself online as a freelancer. He has worked closely with large corporations and small businesses over the years and has become the go-to man for a vast range of illustration work. Jamie has two small Luna-Tikes himself. He uses them as inspiration when drawing the characters and for all of their quirks and expressions. Francine and Frankie almost mirror Jamie’s children exactly.



Meet the Business Advisor!

Brad Weisman handles all things business. Brad co-founded the winter apparel brand Shwalla. The company received investment from the founder of The North Face and additional investment from the former owner of the soccer brand Umbro. He helped retired Olympians in the launch of MLX hockey skates, later sold to Easton Hockey. He has had significant brand marketing roles in and outside of leadership for the following major companies: Petsmart, Wilson Sporting Goods, Walgreens and American Greetings. A graduate of The Ohio State University, Brad received The Ohio State University “New Leader” award in 2005.  Additionally, Brad earned his MBA from Lake Forest Graduate School of Management in 2003. 


* Brad is pen shy, we'll get a picture of him up as soon as we can get him to conquer his fear of being drawn.