About the Author and Illustrator

Richard Tillman

Richard created the LUNA-TIKES series to impart lessons he has learned throughout his life onto his children. He also set out to make children's books that were relatable to all, kids young and old, big and small, fat and tall; even parents will think they're a ball. If you like humor, wit, and charm, then invite the LUNA-TIKES over to your farm. Each book has a great lesson that is filled with heart. Tell your friends, they will thank you, and think you are smart. Thank you for reading the LUNA-TIKES series; and please let us know if you have any queries.

Oh, and by the way, Richard, lives somewhere in California with his wife Christina and their LUNA-TIKES, Augustus and Jake.


Jamie Sale

The illustrator for the Luna-Tikes books is Jamie Sale. Jamie is a British Illustrator who has established himself online as a freelancer. He has worked closely with large corporations and small businesses over the years and has become the go-to man for a vast range of illustration work.

Jamie has two very small Luna-Tikes himself. He uses them as inspiration when drawing the characters and for all of their quirks and expressions. Francine and Frankie almost mirror Jamie’s children exactly.