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The Luna-Tikes Series focuses on life lessons designed to teach kids empathy and acceptance of each other's differences. The characters are unique, funny, and all-around lovable. We're confident that you and your kids will not only love the positive messages, but also the sheer entertainment value the Luna-Tikes series provide... Or your money back!

  • Francine and Frankie Football - Francine rarely gives her brother Frankie any slack, but when Frankie needs her, Francine will always have his back.
  •  Phil the Phisherman - Phil shows the world that if you believe in yourself, it doesn't matter the obstacles, you can put trophies on your shelf. 
  •  Sally Soccer - Sally learns that there's more to sport than being great. Sometimes the most important part is being a true teammate.
  •  Harry Hockey - What you see is not what you get when it comes to Harry Hockey. He will teach you that there is more to life than simply winning and being cocky.
  •  Larry the Luna-Tike - Larry doesn't let neighborhood bullies keep him at bay. He teaches us that you don't have to physically fight to save the day, and he makes lots of new friends along the way.     

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